Unit one films



From talking heads to company conferences we offer a variety of services to capture your message and get it out there in an engaging format which people will be itching to watch and share.


We have a wide range of voice over artists who work with us so you can get the right tone for your video. We even help with script creation and editing and record all our artists in our state of the art facilities at the University of Gloucestershire.


Sometimes, a video isn’t the best route to get your message across – but maybe something animated is. With our animation service, you get full creative control of all the assets within your video from the first creative meeting with our designers to the final edit with our animators.


If you have something to say we can help you say it. Offering full recording services either on location or in our state of the art facilities and quick turn around edits. You can even sit in on the edit to make sure the best bits are getting out there.

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